Repairing Ceiling Stains from Roof Leaks

The most obvious concern homeowner’s experience when recognizing a ceiling spot is the possibility of a roof leak. Roof leaks may carry high price tags for repair, and a call to a home inspector or an Atlanta roofing company will determine the cause of the stain. Using a moisture meter allows the inspector to decide if the leak is active. If the stain is moist, tracing the water to the source informs the homeowner of the extent of necessary repairs. If the stain is dry, it means the problem is corrected.

If the stain is dry, there is the question of what caused the stain in the first place; the location of the stain may provide a clue to the Atlanta roofing company technician. Stains around a bathroom exhaust fan indicate condensation caused by lack of an airtight connection to a proper roof cap. Stains on outside walls or ceiling corners point to ice dam leakage, possibly due to attic air leaks and/or insufficient attic insulation. Condensation in the attic without a roof leak or stains below plumbing or radiators are also possible other solutions an Atlanta roofing company may find.

The worst thing a homeowner can do is to ignore a ceiling stain. After a home inspection that concludes the damage is coming from a roof leak, the next step is to find a qualified Atlanta roofing company contractor. A professional handyman may be able to handle the repairs, or an Atlanta roofing company contractor may be required. The Better Business Bureau recommends only using licensed and insured contractors, preferably referred by friends happy with the work on their homes so check with your local Better Business Bureau ( Ask possible Atlanta roofing companies if there is a cost for an estimate and obtain a written, itemized projection of the project. Homeowners should consult with their insurance company prior to signing a contract.