Atlanta Roof Replacement

Atlanta Roof Replacement

Shingle Roof Replacement and Metal Roof Replacement.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is often a last resort for property owners. In most cases, roof maintenance or a roof repair will extend the life of your roof. In some cases however, there is no maintenance plan or repair that will keep the roof leaks away. Usually we find that a roof replacement is necessary when your roof in old, or the integrity has been compromised over a large area of the roof. When that happens, repairs only push leaks to other portions of the roof which are likely to have been compromised already. As a result, it seems like the leak never goes away. When we have tried every other option available to us, roof replacement is the way to go. Regal Roofing provides a simple, yet comprehensive approach to roof replacement for all types of roofing .

Shingle Selection

Our roof inspectors will provide you with a catalog of every type of product available for your roof replacement project. But why not get a head start and see what the shingles would look like on your home? Owens Corning has provided us with an app to help you out.

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Total Protection Roofing System

Are you interested in finding out how all the layers of a roofing system protect your roof? Check out this little app from Owens Corning which will show you the three critical areas of a roofing system.

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