Atlanta Roofer

The Atlanta roofing market has really bounced back in a big way. Roofing contractors in Atlanta are finding an incredible surge in work for both commercial roofing and residential roofing. The surge may be credited to both the upswing in the economy, as well as aging roofs on homes built in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The housing boom of the late 90’s and early 2000’s (before the crash) saw hundreds of thousands of homes built in the Atlanta metro area. Most roofs begin to show signs of aging at 15-20 years no matter what type of roof you may have. That makes the next five years a key point in time for Regal Roofing.

Finding a roofer in Atlanta can prove particularly difficult. The state of Georgia does not require a roofing license like some states, which allows virtually anyone to become a roofer overnight. Obviously you will want to use caution when evaluating roofing contractors in Atlanta. Regal Roofing is a top rated roofer in Atlanta and has an incredibly long reference list. Having been in business since 2013, over half of our business is provided by word of mouth alone. Our good reputation precedes us and we would love to show you how Regal Roofing puts you at the center of our business to provide you with the greatest customer experience possible.