Real Estate Roof Inspections

When purchasing property, many of you have seen this little phrase on the property inspection report: “Roof should be inspected and evaluated by a qualified roofer.” You just paid for a home inspection, and now you need another inspection? What gives?

The truth is, most home inspectors don’t actually get on the roof. Whatever the reason, too high, too steep, too slick, too old, etc., many home inspectors advise consulting a professional roofer before purchasing a home. In other cases, either because of the inspector’s report, or in spite of it, a mortgage company or insurance company may want to see a roofer’s evaluation before they agree to let you become a customer. Mortgage companies want to make sure that the home that they are writing a loan on is a sound investment, and insurance companies don’t want to insure a property that is about to fall apart, or might cost them a substantial amount of money in a short period of time.

At Regal, our real estate inspection process includes an on-site, in person inspection of the roof of the property that you are interested in. We will focus on long and short term concerns, examine the exterior of any chimneys, and report on any issues that we observe from the exterior. We have two real estate inspection options to serve you:

  • $399 – Regal will send an inspector to meet your home inspector at the property. We will provide your home inspector with our evaluation, and any photographs that we take. Your home inspector can then incorporate these observations and photos into the full report for the home, so that you have one comprehensive report.
  • $499 – This option is for properties that either will not have a home inspection, or where the inspection is already completed. For $499, we will make the same observations, and take the same photographs, but Regal will write our own report, separate from any home inspector.

A couple of things to bear in mind for these real estate inspections:

  1. We cannot guarantee an expected service life. We can determine the approximate age of the roof, and oftentimes we can even provide information about the original product warranty. However, factors such as age, sunlight exposure, ventilation, underlayment, and quality of installation, just to name the obvious ones, make it nearly impossible to deliver a guarantee as to how long a roof will last. Be wary of any roof inspector who claims to be able to make a promise like this.
  2. We also cannot promise “no leaks.” Our real estate inspection reports include the exterior only; the attic and interior are for the home inspector. If leaks are obvious, please indicate the approximate location to Regal before we inspect the roof, and we can attempt to locate the cause.
  3. This report is supplemental to your official home inspection report. We are professional roofers, not home inspectors. Our report will not replace a home inspection report.
  4. If we determine that repairs are necessary, Regal can provide an estimate to complete the repairs. We can typically complete repair work prior to closing.
  5. If the roof cannot be repaired, a roof replacement may be necessary. Regal will credit the inspection cost toward the cost to replace the roof, if we are contracted to do the work.