Learn Roofing


This guide is intended to be used as a resource for roofers and non-roofers alike. The idea is that if we all educate ourselves, then it is much easier to have intelligent conversations with each other about roofing, and roofing projects.

It should be noted that building ordinance, covenants, permitting, and even specifications are different from state to state, and even among municipalities within the same state. Our focus is on roofing requirements within the Atlanta metro area but apply to most of the state of Georgia.

How This Guide Should Be Used

This is a reference guide. We cross reference much of this guide across our website. The menu on the left will assist you with accessing the information that you want. It is organized by category and has a hierarchy of menu items to show the relationship between items.

Getting Started

The best place to get started is to learn about roofing terms. This will give you the appropriate vocabulary for communicating with experienced roofers.